Thursday, January 5, 2012

US - LA- Day 3


After tying up a few loose ends one of which being shipping things to Australia, we headed to the airport.

My mother joins us in London on our way to Delhi. We still have a lot to look forward to, a school reunion, Diwali in Darbhanga, visiting Manipal and Goa, time with my sister and her family, then to Sri Lanka for Christmas and New Year's, a fiftieth wedding anniversary celebrations, time with Jeevan's brothers and their families and a lot of relaxing.

In spite of all that I am a little sad as our exploring new places for the year is over. It has been wonderful, an experience that has taught me so much, each moment enjoyed - the difficult ones in retrospect and I am going to miss the newness of each day.

This is my last travel blog, could not have asked for a better companion than Jeevan as we held hands through it all ( figuratively sometimes :) ).

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US- Los Angeles- Day 2


First things first, a new suitcase is needed. After that the electronics - a camera, our first SLR, then a kindle, electric toothbrushes ( my old one fell into the loo ) and a few other things.

A break from the shopping , walked along Santa Monica Boulevard, ate churros, heard more Spanish than English.

We cannot come to LA and not watch a movie. First we made our way to a Movie Plaza, thinking with a name like that a movie theatre was guaranteed. We nearly missed the place as it was a run down open area with a few shops. Then went to our second option, the dome. What a welcome change, large, a semi- circular screen (our first), a lady welcomed us and announced the show and it started without any previews (I actually enjoy the previews). The Ides of March, good movie but somehow brings out the point that there is no such thing as a clean politician.

Thai dinner after a lot of Mexican meals, both cuisines fill the city. Our last night in the US and somehow for us it is our last night of traveling. Sounds strange but now we go to two familiar countries, India and Sri Lanka.

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US- Los Angeles- Day 1


LA- the city of the glamorous, the beautiful, the talented, the rich and definitely the crazies.

First stop the Hollywood walk of fame and the famous Hollywood sign in distance. I think I am done with all things touristy now to concentrate on the shopping. But of all days this is the day our card stopped working! Called the bank and it was sorted. We restarted. Shopping is so much fun.

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US- Vegas- Day 4


Today was a rest day.

Shopped a little, luggage is already overweight. Ticked off the rest of the things on our touristy list. The musical fountains at Bellagio, walking through their beautiful lobby, then the musical skit at the Treasure Island and then the oh so beautiful Venetian. The paintings on the ceilings, the canals with the gondolas, the brightly lit shopping street with another great ceiling. Saw some great artwork at one of the galleries, someday maybe someday.

Early morning tomorrow so an early-ish night, at least as per Vegas standards.

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US-Vegas- Day 3


Wind tunneling or indoor skydiving, one and the same. We all came out loving it and importantly without any bruises. Alpana, the person who wanted to do it the least was the best at it. Had a good laugh at Jeevan, I think the surface area was lacking.

Walked through the newer hotel, Wynn and Encore. I love Vegas, as you enter a hotel you get transported to another land. Explored the adjoining hotels and then headed to sleep again. I actually hit the gym after a short nap, jogged after quite a long time, felt good.

Loved "O". The set with all it's water, colour and the gymnastics, wow. We had the wet seats so got a slight spray, nothing like I had anticipated.

One of my best birthday presents ever, a limousine ride up and down the strip at night. Could not have asked for a better way to see Vegas at night.

Drank a bit and danced the night away. Finally managed to curb Ankush's sleeping tendencies and we gambled a little, lost it all at Black Jack. Have to be up in 3 hours to say goodbye to our friends as they head back.

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US- Vegas - Day 2


It's my birthday, it's my birthday. I love my birthday and I am so happy to be in Vegas with Jeevan, Alpana and Ankush.

As with most of our birthdays in college, a lot of food was involved, the morning was spent at a brunch buffet. We pigged out, one cannot come to Vegas and not indulge in a buffet. There is so so much to eat.

Next was a walk down the strip, started with shopping for sunglasses and then shoes for Jeevan. There is so much happening at the strip, the various themed hotels, the pimps pushing cards of their women, people dressed in various costumes and of course the tourists. Nobody here is in a rush. Bought Margarita by the yard, where else but in Vegas. The food, the jet lag and the sun finally caught up with us and we slept the rest of the afternoon

Yummy seafood dinner, along with a bouquet of flowers and a gorgeous cake. Followed by French Cabaret, Crazy Horses. It was a new experience, a good one. Topless ladies doing various dances, after sometime the novelty of the breasts wore off and we got to enjoy the acrobatic movements. The kicks, the mirrors and the costumes kept us entertained.

I am not sure if it was being in a dark room for a period of time or the wine but instead of partying we headed to bed. Old age is upon me.

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USA- NY-Day 4/ Vegas- Day 1


Our last day in NY was spent shopping. Visited Nike town, bought a pair of trainers, loved how I could test them on the treadmills provided. Ate some lovely cupcakes, bought a few clothes before we bid goodbye to this lovely city.

Had such a lovely time here, the places, the food and Jeevan's friends ( mine too by now), we will surely be back.

Landed in Vegas at night, (sat with Alpana and talked all the five hours). It is so exciting to be here, spotting MGM and the light at Luxor both of which can be seen from space.

The airport is filled with slot machines, incase you don't get enough of them in town.

Checked into MGM and then went out for dinner. Everything is so shiny here. We were back by one which is early by Vegas standards but for us it's four in the morning.

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